Frequently Asked Questions

I never entered a User ID and Password when I registered, what do I do now ?
This is a new automated alumni registration system and so your User ID and Password are set by the webmasters on this database. Default temporary password has been set to 'temp'. If you do not know your Login or password, use the retrieval feature.

My Login and Password are not working?
Remember that Login and password are CaSe SenSITiVe, i.e. arijit, Arijit, ARIJIT and ARiJiT are different Logins. Same for passwords.

I forgot my password?
Click here to retrieve your password.

How can I update or delete my record?
Click here to update or delete your record or change your password or login.

Can I change my Login?
Use update feature for changing your user ID.

Can I add more than one email address in my profile?
No, you cannot add more than one email address on the registration profile.

How do I register myself on the RKMV Mailing List?
Click here to register on the mailing list. Remember the mailing list is supported by and more help is provided on their website at

Are the passwords same for the alumni registration and the mailing list?
No, password may be different, the mailing list is maintained by

I forgot my yahoogroups password, what do I do?
Yahoogroups password and login are different from the website registration login. If you do not remember your yahoogroups password, will help you retrieve that, check the website at

My question has not been answered here?
Click here to email your question to the webmaster.